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What appauls me the most, is people who come to these forums, and say things that they really have no Idea what they are talking about.

In Our President's Own words "We are fighting terrorists abroad, so we Don't have to at Home"

If that doesn't give you some Idea why our soldiers are abroad, then you don't have a clue.

Embarassed I too would be embarrased if I were John Kerry.
If I served with my country, and then denounced it, then you should leave the country.,

37 Reasons for John Kerry Should Drop out from any presidential options

1. Flip Flopped On Trade With China
2. Flip-Flopped On Iraq War
3. Flip-Flopped On Eliminating Marriage Penalty For Middle Class
4. Flip-Flopped On Patriot Act
5. Kerry Took BOTH Sides On First Gulf War
6. Flip-Flopped On Gay Marriage Amendment
7. Flip-Flopped On Attacking President During Time Of War
8. Flip-Flopped On Death Penalty For Terrorists
9. Flip-Flopped On No Child Left Behind
10. Flip-Flopped On Affirmative Action
11. Flip-Flopped On Ethanol
12. Flip-Flopped On Cuba Sanctions
13. Flip-Flopped On NAFTA
14. Flip-Flopped On Double Taxation Of Dividends
15. Flip-Flopped On Raising Taxes During Economic Downturn
16. Flip-Flopped On Small Business Income Taxes
17. Flip-Flopped On 50-Cent Gas Tax Increase
18. Flip-Flopped On Leaving Abortion Up To States
19. Flip-Flopped On Litmus Tests For Judicial Nominees
20. Flip-Flopped On Federal Health Benefits
21. Flip-Flopped On Tax Credits For Small Business Health
22. Flip-Flopped On Health Coverage
23. Flip-Flopped On Welfare Reform
24. Flip-Flops On Stock Options Expensing
25. Flip-Flopped On Medical Marijuana
26. Flip-Flopped On Burma Sanctions
27. Flip-Flopped On Military Experience As Credential For Public Office
28 Flip-Flopped On PACs
29. Flip-Flopped On $10,000 Donation Limit To His PAC
30. Flip-Flopped On Using Personal Funds In 1996 Race
31. Flip-Flopped On Israel Security Fence
32. Flip-Flop-Flipped On Ballistic Missile Defense
33. Flip-Flopped On 1991 Iraq War Coalition.
34. Flip-Flopped On View Of War On Terror
35. Flip-Flopped On Funding For Our Troops In Iraq
Kerry Later Claimed: “I Actually Did Vote For The $87 Billion Before I Voted Against It.” (Glen Johnson, “Kerry Blasts Bush On Protecting Troops,” The Boston Globe, 3/17/04)
36. Flip-Flopped On Tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserve
37. Flip Flopped On Internet Taxation

NOW I ASK YOU, Is this a man who cannot make up his decision, whom you want to be your President?
His voting record proves to be lethal to the USA

Now.. Even his FELLOW DEMOCRATIC friends are going with GWB.
if his own friends see it, Why can't the rest of america?

FACTS,, EVERY ONE OF THE 37 reasons listed are COLD HARD FACTS.
Not made up crap like some people post, IT all CAN BE PROVEN.
SO you want an indecisive president? or one Who WILL Get the job DONE!



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